What our customers say about Us

Pearl Amalsadiwala
Qiddo has got it just right!! Super trendy sporty wear, affordable prices, Classy  designs, vibrant colours, awesome fabric... For my kids it's QIDDO all the way ...👍🏻
  -Meher Amalsadiwala, mother of Pearl, National level Table Tennis player




My son, Angad who is a football athlete, loves his Qiddo jerseys, very comfortable and breathable material. He prefers to wear Quiddo over other jerseys during practice or even matches

-Tejal Kanwar, mother of Angad and founder of Kleineticskids fitness




Finally a value for money brand for kids. You can see the quality in the material and it's perfect for children- light, flexible and breathable. Easy to wash and dry! Every mother's dream!

-Liza Cabral, mother of an active naughty and busybody 7 year old Isabel



Aahana Dani

When my daughter Aahanatook to badminton and tennis, the biggest challenge was to get good quality clothing which was both comfortable as well as attractive. QiDDO satisfied both and the fitting is just perfect.

-Vikram Dani, doting father of Aahana