About Us

AjitMartis, Shweta Katre, Mehernosh Mistry


Sports should be an ESSENTIAL part of life right from a young age. It keeps the QiDDO’s healthy and balanced while teaching innumerable life lessons including fair play, leadership, discipline, teamwork and much more.

But most of all while playing a sport the QiDDO’s are simply looking to have lots of FUN which our brand is all about.

We promise to delight you with our commitment to design and quality. The production and quality at every stage is benchmarked to international standards. The designs have been meticulously chosen and researched. The vision is to give the best to our kids and your kids.

We look forward to your continuous feedback and suggestions in helping your children have fun while playing sports. We promise to respond to each and every one of them.


Ajit Martis                                                                                           

The Big Dreamer - Father and Sports Enthusiast – Strategy & Marketing             



Shweta Katre

The Details Person - The Energy Bundle – Design & Supply Chain



Mehernosh Mistry

The Peoples Person - Father & Marathon runner – Finance & Operations