We promise to delight you with our commitment to design and quality. The production and quality at every stage is benchmarked to international standards. The designs have been meticulously chosen and researched. The vision is to give the best to our kids and your kids.

Bringing Fun To Sportswear

Sports is FUN for kids. We believe so should be their sportswear. Trendy designs and bright colors have been used in various FUN design themes. Your juniors deserve to feel GOOD and ENERGETIC by wearing their QiDDO sportswear while they are having a GREAT FUN TIME with their friends playing their favourite sport. Every design is aimed at bringing out the HAPPY mood in your kid. QiDDO will be their favourite sportswear which they will like to wear again and again. Simply cause they ENJOY playing sports in them.

Comfort And Quality Your Kids Deserve​​

We want nothing but the most comfortable wear for our active sports playing kids. QiDDO sportswear is extremely LIGHT, SOFT and COMFORTABLE to wear. It evaporates sweat quickly thereby keeping your kid comfortable for their long sport playing periods. The quality of fabric and craftsmanship including the fit has been meticulously chosen keeping COMFORT the primary objective. We have been delighted with the fantastic feedback on QiDDO sportswear from everyone – kids, parents, sports coaches, investors and the industry. We look forward to similar feedback from you soon.

Easy To Maintain​

Your kids love to play carelessly and the sportswear bear the brunt of it. QiDDO sportswear is easily WASHABLE in the machine or by hand. The COLORS have tested for fastness and will not run or fade. They DRY very quickly. A quick IRONING and it’s ready like new for your kids next sports adventure. They are easy to iron so your kids are smartly dressed as they go for their sports. Recommended to keep the iron temperature at 120 degrees. On the reflective logo stickers put a thin cotton cloth on top … do not have direct contact with the hot Iron. The Technical quality fabrics with wicking technology enables quick drying as it pulls moisture from the body to the exterior of the fabric where it can evaporate more easily.

Trendy Designs​

Never seen before bright and trendy designs especially for kids. The colors and design motifs bring out the FUN element of sport. Meticulously prepared by our team of NIFT fashion graduates inline with the latest international trends.

Technical Quality Fabrics​

The fabrics have been selected for their suitability for sports especially for kids. Lightweight, comfortable and durable. Suitable for digital sublimation printing. The wicking technology ensures that sweat and moisture evaporates fast.

Technical Quality Fabrics

The endeavour is to match the top international levels in the apparel making process. This is done through the top end imported machines, top quality accessories, trained and skilled labour and our strict quality check process.